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Stop wasting time with separate servers and proxies - nothing can beat our cloud.
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$13 million

Total value of FREE purchases in just three months


In freebie purchases EVERY WEEK since launch

500,000 +

Individual freebie checkouts by users


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50,000+ Proxies
Unlimited access to our constantly growing network of cloud proxies.
Baremetal Servers
Run directly on 0ms ping servers with no delays from virtualization.
Freebies and Custom SKUs
Want more than just freebies? We'll point our monitor to as many items as you want.
Exclusive Low-Key Flip Finder
We scan Amazon and eBay hourly to bring you the best flips first
Web UI
Manage your bot from anywhere, even your phone.
25 Account Slots
Unprecedented for a cloud bot. Load up and maximize profits.

Alloy Cloud

Per month
Now with No Initial Fee
  • Full Cloud Amazon Freebies
  • Full Cloud Amazon Custom SKUs
  • 25 Account Slots
  • 50,000+ Proxies
  • 0ms Ping Cloud Servers
  • Profitable Flips Finder
  • Cloud Web UI
  • Mobile UI (iOS and Android)
  • Access to Alloy Cloud Discord
  • Setup Guides and Tips

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Copyright 2022. Alloy Cloud LLC. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2022. Alloy Cloud LLC. All rights reserved.